More than Work- a Passion for Greens..

I am a village greens enthusiast and love spending time driving through Village greens. Most of all love the drive to our home at Karjat and the beautiful trees and flowers we have in our garden there. Bougainvillea, Mango trees, beautiful Ferns and so many varieties. I am gifted with a Green thumb so plants are home and the office thrice beautifully. One of my friends noted- Always the Nurturer…. But Plants are gratifying, they are an indicator of energies- they thrive in positive energies and if they are dying uncared for then there definitely a defecit of Love… I believe in the philosophy of Heliotropy for both Plants and Humans- both grow in the direction of Light….

More than work…Mi Casa

I have loved to play with the Palette of colours for long and have had many opportunities to experiment and excel at being able to create distinctive interiors..

Mi Dos Casa in Karjat.

I use colour motifs and arrange the rest around that, use cushions to create a warm sense of homes, am on point mostly on trending colours which I use Only as a point of reference as I believe Homes are a picture of our Souls…. I believe in the Hedonism of good living and treating ourselves well as we live and making our homes the best part of the day and the place we want to always return to….
Have helped Friends and Family with their homes and each style us distinctive – beautiful, inviting and comfortable- like being enveloped in the arms of those we love most… homes are our places to Rest and Must be beautiful like our Souls…..

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